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2024 Annual Northern Arizona Chapter NWTF Banquet

Saturday March 23rd - 4:00 p.m.

Every year, we hold our annual Hunting Heritage fundraising banquet. Its a great event, with a limit of only 200 tickets sold, your odds of winning guns, gear and art are better than ever! Great deals during the live and silent auction too! This is a great time to bring together like-minded hunters and conservationists who believe in the NWTF mission. We use the funds raised through these banquets to help promote our Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt initiative. Money raised goes back to habitat improvement projects, habitat restoration, turkey biology research, college scholarships for high school seniors, and acquiring new land or access to existing land.

Hurry, only 200 tickets available!

To purchase tickets or to sponsor event click link below:


Youth Turkey Hunt

Every year, NWTF-Arizona sponsors three youth turkey hunting camps designed to help mentor and encourage our youth to get out turkey hunting. These camps are referred to as the Marvin Robbins Memorial Camps and are located in Units 1/27, 4/3C, and 5A/5B, and 6A. The Northern Arizona chapter has been a long supporter of the Happy Jack Camp that caters to youth hunters with a lottery 6A tag, or the over-the-counter tags valid in units 5A and 5B. These camps are free for all participants and all meals are provided. All you have to do is show up with your tag, license,  Hunter Ed card, shotgun, ammo, camo clothing, and something to camp in. Mentors knowledgeable in turkey hunting are willing to provide tons of information on turkey biology, locations, calling, and field dressing. Seminars are put on daily after lunch to help teach every aspect of turkey biology and conservation. Additionally, there are raffles available and prizes given out to every hunt participant. One lucky youth will also take home a nice shotgun just for showing up at camp!

Turkey hunting seminar


We have partnered with Sportsman’s Warehouse in Flagstaff to put on a turkey hunting seminar every spring, right before turkey season starts. We talk about the different subspecies of turkeys, turkey biology, turkey calling, and turkey hunting strategies to help you become a more successful turkey hunter.

Turkey Hunters Care

Every year, we participate in the Mile High Turkey Drive, partnering with Yavapai Broadcasting.  We donate at least $500 worth of turkeys to the Flagstaff Family Food Center to ensure that Flagstaff families have a Thanksgiving turkey for dinner. 

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